Trust, Respect, Commitment and a Shared Goal: Four Tenets our Workers’ Compensation Team Lives By

Within the wholesale insurance sector, the term “partnership” is often used to describe an ideal relationship between carriers, insurance agents and the insureds they represent.   We are customer focused.   At All Risks, "partnership" is not a word we take lightly; our Workers' Compensation producers build real, lasting partnerships with carriers, insurance agents and brokers.  Trust, respect, commitment and a shared goal provide the tenets of partnership that our Workers’ Compensation team demonstrates each and every day.

Retail insurance partners recently recognized All Risks in IBA’s Wholesale Broker and MGA 2020 survey, as both a “Five-Star” and an “All-Star” Wholesaler for a second consecutive year.  See what many of our agency partners had to say about All Risks' Work Comp team for yourself!

All Risks Workers Comp - Client Testimonials

Our retail agency partners trust our brokers and underwriters to negotiate deals on their behalf, to keep them updated on changing markets and to explain the effects of new laws being passed, in regards to Workers’ Compensation coverage.  All Risks’ Work Comp producers work diligently to stay on top of changing carrier appetites, rates and state laws, so our clients don’t have to.

"I work closely with the Workers' Comp Dept. of All Risks.  Over the course of our professional relationship, they've always gone above and beyond, to be of the most help to me and our firm.  But most especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, they've even been more helpful, if that is possible.  They are always very quick to advise us if they are not able to provide competitive terms on new business and always willing to answer any and all questions in a quick turnaround time.  The commitment to partnership between our agency and All Risks is unparalleled to any other that we work with.  They're an exemplary resource of information and go to bat for us where it is warranted.”

- Lauran B.

All strong partnerships rely on mutual respect.  Our Workers’ Compensation underwriters deliver their promises by consistently being prompt and responsive.  We keep our clients up-to-date on the progress of accounts, and if a submission will not fit our carriers or will not be competitive, we are quick to inform them.  The practice of respecting our clients' time is one of the top characteristics our clients constantly applaud.  

“I have worked with the Workers' Compensation division of All Risks, Ltd. for many years now and I’ve had great success with placing business with them!  They're always quick to respond to my request for quotes and work hard to find a market for my specific risk.  All Risks represents quality carriers with great programs for Workers' Compensation and they are my go-to marketplace for hard to place Workers' Compensation.  They're extremely experienced in the available markets and appetites of the carriers, so the process of finding coverage and receiving a quality quote has a quick turnaround.”

- Tracey M.

We demonstrate our commitment by staying in front of our clients and getting to know them on a personal level.  We continue to grow these partnerships by attending meetings together, celebrating achievements with happy hours and dinners, as well as consistently checking in and being available via phone or email to offer any assistance that might be needed.

“I've worked directly with my All Risks' broker/underwriter for several years, which brings me much joy due to her professionalism, efficiency and quick turnaround on my many requests.  She's responsive and very helpful, especially on my hard to place accounts – customer service with her has always been five stars, no picking and choosing on how big or small an account is.  We were, and still are, experiencing some difficult times due to the world situation on COVID-19, but working with All Risks makes the situation very smooth.  She communicates, provides quick responses and is always present.  Partnering with All Risks and having her as our underwriter really makes MY life easy.” 

- Katia P.

Shared Goal:
Our clients' best interest is always top-of-mind for All Risks’ Work Comp team.  We do everything in our power to help our clients win and retain Work Comp accounts, including frequently advising on risks that we might not directly be able to assist, simply because we are a true partner.  We believe that if we continuously help our clients succeed, we will both win.

“All Risks has proved to be a valuable partner for our agency.  My All Risks broker is always prompt, efficient, straightforward, and very personable to work with.  I could not ask for anything more in a broker.  He knows his markets and knows what he can offer and has done some great things for us on our Work Comp risks.  I personally have reached out to him on several higher mod restaurant Work Comp policies that no one else even wanted to look at.  He saved us from placing the risks in the assigned risk market and it was a much lower premium as well.  Recently, he placed a restaurant chain for us and saved us a significant amount of premium over a direct writer, who really wanted to write the account.  Now, he is working with that market to look at the rest of their related accounts so that we have one place that will fit all our Work Comp needs on this very large client.”

- Jessica M.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It: 
Retail agents across the country count on our All Risks Workers’ Compensation Team!

On Trust: 

    • “All Risks has been an amazing partner for us, especially during these ever-changing times.  They're always extremely responsive and upfront with expectations or market appetites, which is something we place a ton of value on.  We understand that not every account will have a market or that certain loss histories or risk characteristics will make an account difficult to place, so the fact that All Risks is able to provide that information up front is a huge time saver, and again much appreciated.  All Risks embodies what a true partner is and we appreciate that partnership.” 
                                          - Tony S.
    • When we have a client with a challenging situation we know exactly where to go;  All Risks gets the job done.  We can rely on their ability to provide a solution that is competitive and meets the needs and expectations of our clients.  It’s a partnership in the truest sense of the word.” 

                                               - Jason U.

    • “I just wanted to express my gratitude for how quickly All Risks is able to turn a quote around when I am in a pinch.  I recently started a new job 4/1 and we had a huge increase on a WC policy that had a 4/15 renewal day.  I told my producer that I have a guy I can call, and I bet you he can find us a much better quote.  He not only got a quote to me quickly, but it was a huge savings for the insured, who ended up going with All Risks' quote.  I looked like a hero to my producer and to the client, and All Risks made a huge impression on my producer as well.  They made such a good impression that the producer ended up sharing the story of how All Risks saved the day with other producers in the office.  Due to their turnaround time, willingness to work with us, and ability to answer questions for the claims handling of the new carrier, All Risks will definitely earn the business in the future.”
                                             - Andi K.

On Respect:

    • All Risks always provides fast and reliable service.  Even when COVID-19 changed how and where we worked, I could count on them to reply in a timely fashion with accurate info.”
                                             - Ashley R.

    • “We are fortunate for the relationship we have built between All Risks, Ltd. and our agency.  All Risks offers a great array of product solutions that every retail agency must have.  During this challenging time involving COVID-19, they've been on the forefront of proving updates in changes within the market.  Along with not missing a beat when it comes to services, they are always readily available to assist with any change request or inquiry we have.  Having that strong relationship helps solidify why All Risks, Ltd. is our preferred market.  We love working with them and will continue to build our relationship and book of business together and we look forward to what the future holds.”
                                            - Shannon T.

    • “Everyone we have worked with at All Risks has always been wonderful to work with.  We prefer to work with All Risks first for our clients, since the customer service has been above and beyond.  Our agency prides itself on providing the best customer service and the personal touch to our clients.  With this day and age of technology, customer service and the personal touch has been lost by others.  All Risks still provides the personal touch and customer service our agency values in serving our clients.

                                             - Heather M.

On Commitment:

    • “Our agency is happy to partner with All Risks, Ltd.  The service has exceeded our expectations and we receive quick response time on submissions, policy service and everyday questions.  Our underwriter and his team go the extra mile to find Workers' Compensation markets that will fit our hard to place accounts.  Thanks All Risks for making the insurance business more pleasant each day!”
                                         - Christina T.

    • “I would recommend All Risks, Ltd. to other agents in need of a broker for hard to place risks.  Working with small business clientele, they expect a quick turnaround for low revenue accounts.  Unfortunately, most brokers and carriers do not offer this.  I have found that All Risks is always extremely accommodating and has the quickest quote turnaround out of any other broker I work with.  In this unprecedented time, COVID-19 has slowed down quoting speeds with most carriers.  I did not experience this with my underwriter at All Risks.  She was extremely quick and professional and provided me a very accurate and competitive quote, beating all my other carriers.  She has been a wonderful example of the partnership between All Risks, Ltd. and our agency and I look forward to working with her in the future.”
                                         - Sarah H.

    • “Three years ago, I received a flyer in the mail from All Risks.  We were not satisfied with the wholesaler we had been using, so decided to give them a try.  From the very first submission, the service we have received from every single department has been exceptional.  A team came to visit our office within the first couple of months.  We were very impressed with their product knowledge, and their commitment to service.  Since that first visit, they are in our office quarterly to discuss products and servicing needs.  When I submit an application to my All Risks broker, regardless of the time of day, he responds in a matter of hours.  He has extensive marketing knowledge and will know right away if he can compete with the current carrier placement or not.  Their marketing is aggressive and they stay in constant communication during the marketing process.  Their Workers’ Compensation Team, Property/Casualty Team/ Binding Authority Team and Servicing Teams always respond promptly.  Through the COVID-19 quarantine, this All Risks team has stayed in contact via phone calls.  They may not be able to visit us in person, but they are certainly making their presence known to us.  We definitely feel that All Risks is a valuable part of our team.  We appreciate their dedication to service and communication.  If we have a problem account, or are looking for a market, you can hear the brokers and service team recommending All Risks.  You won’t go wrong with this team.”

                                        - Anna R.

On Shared Goal:  

    • “Recently I was very impressed with the work that All Risks did on our behalf.  They helped place a campground account.  A couple months before renewal, the initial offer was made by the incumbent carrier.  They were still taking a harder stand on rate, which was a factor for the insured.  Closer to the renewal date, All Risks was still working to find an alternative.  They were able to find a replacement company with some very strong rates.  Needless to say, the client was extremely happy with the results, especially since they had lost at least a month of their camping season, and were suffering the financial impact from that.  Honestly, many other brokers would have given up weeks prior, so it was a pleasure when we found we had a valid option to present.

                                            - Chris L.

    • “It’s extremely important in this industry to work with people who you can rely on.  There are many wholesale brokers that I can approach on behalf of my clients.  However, I choose to partner with All Risks, because I can count on them to provide me with the tools to be successful.  Many times we, as retail agents, are put in a position where proposals need to be put together quickly and more importantly, correctly.  I know I can trust All Risks to come through for my clients.  They are true professionals and a great partner!”

                                           - Gary S.

    • “I have had the pleasure to work with All Risks over the past 20 years and they've always been a professional partner and a delight to work with.  I can always count on my underwriter to be extremely responsive, fair and efficient when it comes to servicing our clients and providing insurance quotes.  She continues to be a great collaborator who I can rely on to offer great insight to current situations with regards to market conditions, new regulations and current events.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, she was available to work together in finding solutions and an action plan for our hardest hit clients and their upcoming Workers' Compensation renewals.  We were able to secure bind orders from our clients to continue our relationship with her and All Risks.  Her work goes above and beyond and helps ensure that our clients receive the best possible service from the carriers.  She is highly experienced and a real asset to me and my team.  I look forward to our continued relationship in serving our clients.”

                                        - Gennyne W.

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