Tough WC Classes Driving the Economy

The RT Specialty Workers’ Compensation team can assist retail insurance agents and brokers nationwide with access to competitive markets for companies with a workforce on-the-road including: truck drivers, waste management employees and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) workers who provide essential services in today's economy.

Few industries are more important than Trucking in helping to maintain a sense of normalcy through this pandemic. As
the backbone of the supply chain, truck drivers and the industry as a whole has seen a boom in growth due to the relentless demand for the transport of consumer goods.

To assist in protecting these mission-critical drivers, RT Specialty can quote Workers’ Compensation for Trucking risks, as well as Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability coverage for those who use Independent or Contract drivers.

Trucking Class Codes Description
7219 Trucking Local/Long Hauling (NCCI)
0811 Trucking Local/Long Hauling (PA & DE)

North Carolina - $530,000
RT Specialty was able to provide access to a stand-alone Workers' Compensation solution in NC for a long-haul trucking company with frequent and severe losses with a traveling radius of more than 500 miles.

California - $77,000
A trucking client with the CA state fund had multiple issues related to policy changes and servicing. Through an exceptional carrier relationship, our WC broker was able to provide access to significant premium savings and a reduced deposit with a monthly payroll reporting plan.

Iowa - $79,000
This IA trucking account was non-renewed due to prior losses. Our Workers' Comp. broker was able to place the insured with an industry-leading market.

Texas - $12,000
One of the carriers we work with was able to provide a same-day quote for a new venture trucking risk in TX with a modest payroll with competitive rates and a low minimum deposit due at binding.

Since no two truckers have the same needs, we offer Occupational Accident coverage in addition to Workers' Compensation. Occupational Accident is widely accepted as a cost-effective alternative to Workers' Comp in the trucking industry. Whether trucking clients are classified as employees or have independent contractor status, Occupational Accident coverage could help protect them.

RT Specialty can offer a robust Workers’ Compensation specialty product to assist with protecting Waste Management employees against hazardous conditions and mechanical hazards, as well as prolonged exposure driving vehicles and using work equipment.

Waste Management Class Codes



Garbage or Refuse Dumps (NCCI)


Garbage or Refuse Dumps (PA)


Junk Dealer


Junk Dealer (PA)


Metal Scrap Dealer


Metal Scrap Dealer (PA)

New Jersey - $525,000
Our broker was able to place a waste hauler conducting curbside pickup in New Jersey with a carrier who helped put loss control measures in place that resulted in them achieving a lower experience modification.

Illinois - $417,000
After 25 years with the incumbent carrier, this mature IL risk was shopping for payment flexibility and additional claims services. One of the carriers we work with was able to accommodate both of these requirements.

Georgia - $230,000
With a lapse in coverage and heavy losses, our WC broker was able to secure a market for this hard-to-place GA sanitation account that included residential waste management.

West Virginia - $180,000
Fear not; our competent WC broker was able to obtain a market for this difficult multi-state risk with disposal and landfill services, frequency issues and large losses.

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is now one of the most relied upon transportation options for patients with regularly scheduled doctor, dialysis, wellness or physical therapy visits. NEMT is considered a tough-to-place class and RT Specialty WC brokers have direct access to competitive Workers’ Compensation rates to help quote them!

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Class Codes



Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NCCI)


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (CA & TX)


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (PA & DE)


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NY)


Ambulance Services / EMS (Certain States )

New York $460,000
A NEMT account was with the New York state fund and was searching for a lower rate. The WC broker was able to access a market with a considerably lower premium and solid loss control services.

North Carolina - $172,000
One of the carriers we work with was able to assist this challenging NC risk with non-emergency and emergency medical services and an accompanying high experience modification rate of 1.42 due to large prior losses.

New Jersey- $33,000
Due to difficult state laws and a lack of schedule rating, New Jersey can be a particularly tough state for non-emergency medical transportation accounts. In spite of those challenges, our WC broker was able to successfully find a market for a NJ risk with a current year loss ratio of 174%.

With access to financially-sound carrier programs and aggressive rates, our Workers’ Compensation team can offer competitive commissions and budget-friendly payment plans to retail agents and brokers for a wide variety of clients with on-the-road exposures.

Effective September 1, 2020, All Risks became part of the Ryan Specialty Group, LLC (RSG) family of companies. Combining with RSG has brought tremendous opportunities in all lines of insurance, including Workers' Compensation, additional resources and exciting changes to our trucking, waste management, and non-emergency medical transportation products.

Contact our Workers’ Compensation brokers for more information about Workers' Compensation Specialty Programs and other hard-to-place Workers' Comp. classes.

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