The 5 Most Dangerous Workers' Comp Classes We Write

At All Risks, we write Workers' Compensation for hard-to-place classes every day.  A recent USA Today article provided some insight to the most dangerous jobs in the United States.  We decided to take a look at this list through the Workers' Compensation lens to determine which are the highest-hazard Workers' Comp classes we write at All Risks. 

According to the National Safety Council, the occupations with the highest fatality rates tend to have one of three things in common:
  • Working from dangerous heights where a fall would be fatal
  • Frequent contact with dangerous machinery
  • Driving for substantial periods

Electricians: NCCI 5190
Most people would think an electrician's fatal injuries would come from electric shocks or burns related to the constant hazard of working directly with power sources.  Instead, most fatal injuries to electricians generally stem from slips, trips and falls. 

Construction Laborers: NCCI 5403, 5645 
Construction Laborers spend a lot of time on scaffolding at precarious heights.  About one-third of these fatal injuries derive from slips, trips and falls.  Many of these workers also operate power tools and heavy equipment and about one in five fatalities in this industry involved contact with this equipment on the job. 

Lawn Services: NCCI  0042, 0106, 9102
Landscaping is an industry that requires the regular use of complex power machinery including chainsaws, tractors and lawnmowers. Contact with heavy equipment is the most common fatal injury, with falls from tree-trimming, pruning and similar tasks coming in second.

Waste Haulers/ Refuse and Recycling Collectors: NCCI 9403
Most waste and recyclable material collectors perform their jobs in some type of vehicle.  It makes sense that the majority of fatal injuries within this industry are transportation related.  Waste management employees are also at risk for illnesses due to their regular exposure to pollutants and contaminants on the job.

Agricultural Worker: NCCI 0005, 0016, 0035, 0037
Agricultural workers perform the majority of their responsibilities while operating tractors and other off-road motorized vehicles.  It's no surprise that transportation incidents account for about half of the fatal injuries involving Agricultural laborers. 

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