New and Expanded Workers' Comp Markets for Landscaping and Janitorial Contractors

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cleaning and janitorial companies were projected to grow 10% from 2016 to 2026. As the industry expands, so does the need for Workers’ Compensation coverage to protect both small and large businesses.

Every day on the job, janitorial employees are exposed to risks like slips, falls, working with chemicals, injuries from lifting, repetitive motion injuries, power tool accidents, etc. These are risks inherent with the industry and why Workers’ Compensation insurance is so important to cover both a janitorial worker’s injuries, as well as covering a business’s legal costs and settlements, if warranted.

iStock-638374362_janitorialRecently, All Risks has contracted a new market for this class of business and some markets have expanded their appetites to write janitorial services, including residential cleaning. Our markets will write owner-only in all states excluding monopolistic and new ventures are accepted in select states. Our minimum premium in most states is $2,000. Please note that our markets will exclude fire damage restoration, operations with fumigation or tenting, cleaning of boilers, chimneys or furnaces, and window cleaning above one story.

Also seeing its share of continued growth is the landscaping industry. According to IBISWorld, over the past five years, landscaping services in the U.S. has grown by 4.6%. In the same time frame, the number of businesses has grown by 1.2% and the number of employees has grown by 2.9%. Risk exposures for landscaping employees include injuries from lawnmower blades, chainsaws and other gardening equipment, hearing loss, exposure to extreme heat or cold weather, working with pesticides and other chemicals, etc.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, “The fatality rate per 100,000 workers in the landscaping industry is 25.1 compared to 3.8 for all industries.” The need for Workers’ Compensation is paramount for landscaping business owners and employees alike. We all know that small businesses have a higher percentage of failing in the first year. For a small landscaping business who faces the potential of fatality or severe loss, one claim can unduly close the business’s doors for good. One important way to ensure landscaping businesses continue to grow is to reduce their risk of financial loss with the appropriate amount of Workers’ Compensation.


All Risks can write Workers’ Compensation for owner-only and new venture landscaping contractors. Risks must have at least one employee and an owner. Our minimum premium starts at $1,000 in most states. Please note that our markets will not accept risks with roadside or highway maintenance, work at heights greater than ten feet, deal sod or apply fertilizer or pesticide as a primary service.

All Risks, Ltd. offers an extensive list of A.M. Best “A-“ or better rated markets for Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage across a wide variety of hard-to-place classes, including janitorial contractors, building maintenance, landscapers and many more. Our large book of Workers’ Compensation business with top carriers can provide retail insurance agents with better rates, pricing and even access to exclusive programs. Please contact your local All Risks’ Workers’ Compensation Specialist for more information or with any questions you may have at 866-322-0097.

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