Did you know that Medicaid NEMT is a cost-effective, public-private partnership?

A newly released study commissioned by the Medical Transportation Access Coalition (MTAC) confirms Medicaid NEMT is a highly cost-effective, public-private partnership that helps assure the health and well-being of millions in America. It saves Medicaid, and thereby taxpayers, more than $40 million per month for every 30,000 beneficiaries receiving treatment for one of three conditions covered in the study.

The first-of-its-kind study used Medicaid claims data and a survey of nearly 1,000 Medicaid beneficiaries to determine their usage and the benefits realized. Their research focused on three relatively common and expensive diseases, kidney dialysis for patients suffering end-stage renal disease, diabetic wound care and treatment for substance abuse disorders.

Fifty-eight percent of beneficiaries participating in the survey said they would not be able to keep their medical appointments without access to NEMT. Even more sobering, 10 percent of respondents said they “would die” or “probably would die” without access to NEMT.

Across the three groups, the monthly cost-savings per Medicaid beneficiary averaged more than $1,300.  All Risks, a Workers Compensation industry leader in NEMT, is looking to continue this trend in cost savings by providing comprehensive Workers Compensation coverage for all NEMT employees and drivers and a competitive cost with their exclusive program for this industry.

Workers’ Comp Class Codes

7370 Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NCCI States)

7382 (CA/TX)

807 (PA/DE)

7377 (NY)

7705 Ambulance Services/ EMS (Certain States and Minimum Premium of $15k)

WC Minimum Premium: $5,000

Risks accepted in all states except: AK, ND, OH, SC, WA and WY.

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