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The history of home health and hospice care in the United States dates all the way back to 1883, with the founding of the “Good Cheer Society."  Concerned with the health and welfare of the community's poor and disadvantaged, the society was started by a group of young Nashua, NH women who often visited sick mill workers and their children.  In 1902, the society hired its first nurse.  As the need for services grew over the years, more nurses were hired and the “Nashua Visiting Nurse Association” was formed, becoming the nation’s first VNA (Visiting Nurses Association).

The idea of being “independent” was, and continues to be, the catalyst for the growth of the home healthcare industry.  All Risks, Ltd. is the nation’s largest independent insurance wholesaler and a predominant partner, providing insurance solutions, including Workers’ Compensation, to this expanding industry.

Home healthcare is known as a hard-to-place Workers' Comp class due to the scope of risks involved in providing such “hands-on” care to recipients.  According to OSHA, “These hazards include blood-borne pathogens and biological hazards, latex sensitivity, ergonomic hazards from patient lifting, violence, hostile animals and unhygienic and dangerous conditions.  In addition, if their daily work schedule requires them to provide care for multiple patients, they face hazards on the road as they drive from home to home.”

As an insurance leader to the home health industry, All Risks has Workers' Comp Brokerage Underwriters specializing in this class.  All Risks has partnered with a wide variety of carriers writing Home Healthcare, which allows us to offer solutions for almost any scenario including new venture, high mod, low mod, or even a risk with a small lapse.  Our eligible premium range is vast and we’ve seen success at both ends of the spectrum.  We offer competitive rates and a quick turnaround time due to our underwriting authority.  Home healthcare is a niche where All Risks really shines in a difficult market.

Christopher Smith, AVP of Workers' Compensation Specialties at All Risks, said, "Our Workers' Compensation Broker Underwriters do a great job of understanding their markets.  Their depth of knowledge regarding the home health industry has really made an impact with our partners.  All Risks has a solution to almost any insurance scenario, and the service provided by the industry experts at All Risks has shown that we have our finger on the pulse of the home healthcare industry."

As the number of people choosing to live independently by getting their healthcare services at home instead of a hospital or medical facility continues to grow, so will the need for comprehensive Home Healthcare Workers’ Compensation coverage.

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