All Risks Featured in Insurance Journal’s 2019 List of “101 Sales & Marketing Ideas for Agencies”

Several All Risks’ Workers’ Compensation Brokerage Underwriters were featured in Insurance Journal’s 2019 list of “101 Sales & Marketing Ideas for Agencies.”

Joseph Feitz, Assistant VP – WC and A&H
Tip: Be Visible.  Don’t Hide Behind E-mail, Texts and Social Media.  In the super connected world that we live in, prospect and client touches are easier than ever, but can have an impersonal feel.  Take the extra step to have a client-focused conversation to uncover needs, in person.

Ashlee Paieda – WC Brokerage Underwriter
Tip #1: Under Promise and Over Deliver.  Do not promise what you are not guaranteed to accomplish, so if and when you do, you over deliver!

Tip #2: Know Your Partners.  Take the time to build relationships with your carrier partners, beyond the daily grind of accounts.  Not only will your accounts have a better shot at priority when needed, but you will benefit in other ways, such as hearing what they are seeing in the market on their book, and knowing when to keep pushing back or when it is truly the best they can do.

Tip #3: Be Genuine and Forthcoming with Information.  If your carriers and clients know they can trust that you are not withholding information, they are more likely to jump on your accounts and do whatever they can to help you get the deal done.

J.D. Babuder– WC Brokerage Underwriter
Tip #1: Distressed Accounts.  Many agents shy away from distressed accounts because they feel they are too scary, and they don’t know enough about the exposure.  But the greater the risk, the greater the reward.  Not only is the premium larger, but your competition is smaller.

Tip #2: Time Management.  The best producer and the worst producer have one thing in common — the same amount of time.  If you want to be better, utilize your time more effectively.  Sometimes small accounts and large accounts require the same amount of time.  Sharpen your focus.  Be selective.

Tip #3: Production Increase.  Every year, your manager probably expects more production from you.  You have two choices: 1) Work more hours; 2) Change something you did last year to become more efficient.  Which will you choose?

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