Occupational Accident & Workers' Comp....What's the difference?

Which is the right product for your client?

  Workers' Compensation Occupational Accident
Type of Coverage State Regulated Optional
What Does It Cover? Pays medical bills, death benefits and replaces certain lost wages Pays medical bills, death benefits and replaces certain lost wages
Who Does It Cover? Employees injured on the job Independent Contractors injured on the job
Benefits Unlimited  Subject to limits
Admitted vs. Non-Admitted Admitted Admitted & Non-Admitted
Type of Policies One policy for the entire company

Policy written on a group basis. Group size is dependent upon industry.

Who Pays? The Employer The Independent Contractor

Why Purchase Occupational Accident Insurance?

  • Business owners can protect themselves from expensive lawsuits and costs by Independent Contractors seeking reclassification to employee status
  • Limits in coverage allow employers to manage costs
  • Zero deductible and competitive monthly premiums
  • Independent Contractors have peace of mind that they are protected

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*Occupational Accident is not a substitution for Workers' Compensation and does not satisfy statutory requirements for Workers' Compensation.

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