Meet the A&E Team Member: Josh Reinert

What is your background with All Risks and how did you land on the A&E Team?  Josh, Megan, Kylie and Carson
I started my insurance career studying Risk Management and Insurance at Temple University.  I interned with All Risks while still in school and ultimately took a full-time job with them upon graduation.  I initially worked out of our home office in Maryland, underwriting Property & Casualty risks.  Shortly thereafter, I moved over to the Architects & Engineers Professional Liability team and have now been there for just about 10 years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Which office do you work out of?  
I work out of the Conshohocken, PA office.

Stella, Josh’s 10-year old faithful family dogWhat are your interests and hobbies outside of work?
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Megan, and our two young children, Kylie and Carson.  We love to spend time outdoors.  Whether it be hiking, fishing or just playing at the park behind our house, we are constantly on the go and finding some activity to do.  I also enjoy craft beer and have just recently taken an interest in wine.  I’m also a die-hard Philly sports fan, so you'll likely find me glued to the TV on game day.

What parts of your job do you enjoy most?  
What I like most about my job is the relationship building.  It’s fun and exciting to meet new people and develop long-term relationships with our agency partners both inside and outside of work. 

Are there any fun places you've traveled to?
My wife and I love to travel.  Some of our favorite places are the U.S. Virgin Islands and Sedona, AZ.  

What are some of the current challenges you see in the A&E marketplace?
The main challenge is the amount of capacity and competition in the A&E marketplace.  The rates are aggressive, making it even more important to differentiate yourself from both a service and coverage standpoint.  Relationship building is also key.


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