Insurance Coverage That Offers Pizza-Mind

The spring season generally brings with it many things: flowers, baseball… and increased profits for the restaurant/pizza industry.  Unfortunately, 2019 has started off on somewhat of a sour note thus far for most pizza brands.  In a rare week for commodity prices, all of the major staples of the pizza restaurant kitchen were up in price the first week of spring.*

Running a pizza with delivery restaurant is hard work, and maintaining it is even harder.  The harsh reality is 60% of independent restaurants close within the first few years of operation.  With staples including cheese, wheat and vehicle fuel projecting at a higher cost this spring, the already razor-thin profit margins will have to be observed even more closely.  Another area of particular concern that should be monitored in order to ensure continued profitability is employee turnover.

The pizza delivery industry’s turnover rates are among the highest of any industry.  When an employee quits, a restaurant's bottom line often takes a direct hit.  One way to stem the tide of employee turnover is for employers to offer a safe and consistent work environment.  Employee turnover doesn’t just drain your clients' time, it can also drain their bottom line.  By educating your restaurant clients about the benefits of proper workers’ compensation insurance, they will recognize how this coverage can offer their employees peace-of-mind that they will be “made whole” if injured on the job.

All Risks, Ltd., the largest independent wholesaler in the United States, has a Workers’ Compensation Pizza Delivery Insurance Program that covers both restaurant and delivery employees.  This program helps restaurants put their employees' minds at ease and due to its competitive cost, not put a dent in their bottom line, which helps your clients maintain profitability.

While the saying is true that “good help is hard to find,” it’s also fair to say that “good help can be even harder to lose.”  By your clients making an investment in their employees by purchasing Workers’ Comp. coverage, they are also making an investment in the future of their business.

Please contact Chris Smith, AVP of Workers' Compensation Specialties, for more information or with any questions you may have at 866-322-0097, extension 3467 or

*According to Pizza Marketplace, in a rare week for commodity prices at the end of March, commodity trading started with cheese’s weekly average for barrels up a penny while blocks were up about 4 cents compared to the spring prior.   Wheat was also mostly higher according to the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service.  Export sales totaled 7.2 million bushels of wheat, with wheat prices ranging from steady to 58 3/4 cents higher.  We couple this with the average price for a gallon of gasoline up to $2.63, which is about 2 cents above last year's price, reported by the American Automobile Association. 

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