Do you know the top 5 industries for Occupational Accident insurance?

Occupational Accident is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Workers' Compensation for Today's Growing Gig Economy.

As industries like Overnight Delivery, Home Care, Dog Walking and Rideshare continue to expand, independent contractors, like any workers, are susceptible to on-the-job injuries and should be adequately covered in the event of a loss. Independent contractors benefit from the freedom and flexibility of freelance work, but are missing other crucial offerings typically available to an employee.

Occupational Accident insurance can fill the gap when a traditional WC policy is not a fit. A business owner can choose an Occupational Accident group policy from All Risks to provide Accident Medical, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, and Disability coverage for an independent contractor who is injured while on-the-job. 


Occupational Accident is very versatile. Here are the top 5 industries Occupational Accident coverage is best suited for, eligible classes and minimum group size required:

Top 5 Industries Best Suited for Occupational Accident 


Sample Eligible Classes:

• Auto
• Sand/gravel
• Fuel
• Refrigerated
• Oversized
• Logging
• Moving/storage
• Containers
• General freight

Minimum Group Size:
5 drivers (dependent upon state)



Sample Eligible Classes:

• Companion care
• Home care (skilled/non-skilled)
• Behavioral health
• Nurses/doctors
• Skilled therapists

Minimum Group Size:
25 lives (dependent upon state)




Sample Eligible Classes:

• Overnight delivery
• Same day/Express
• Private passenger auto/Step vans
• Heavy trucks/tractor trailers

Minimum Group Size:
10 drivers (dependent upon state)





Sample Eligible Classes:

• Rideshare
• Hospitality
• Education
• Companion care
• Dog walking
• Community/Social services
• Protective services

Minimum Group Size:
50 lives (dependent upon state/number of hours worked)



Sample Eligible Classes:

• Healthcare
• IT
• Engineers

Minimum Group Size:
50 lives (dependent upon state)



An Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability policy together can serve as an added layer of protection against potential costly lawsuits against the business owner. It can also help retain good workers and keep them healthier. A win for everyone involved. Learn more about how your independent contractor clients can save costs, secure coverage to include medical expenses for workplace injuries & death benefits and protect themselves with legal defense costs.

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