Stranger Risks

All Risks brokers are no strangers to unusual risks.  With over 50 years in the industry, we have long-standing relationships with top tier E&S carriers to ensure our retail agents have access to the coverage, limits and risk management services their insureds require.   Here are just a few of our stranger risks.

Barretto, Joe

Joe Barretto, Vice President, National Programs - Hunt Valley, MD

In 2009, I wrote a small GL policy for a government contractor doing security.  Over the years, this grew to include self-defense schools, tactical training, and harbor patrol.  This small account is now over $500,000.

Cianciulli, Anthony

Anthony Cianciulli, Broker - Hunt Valley, MD

I wrote the GL and Professional Liability for a foster care facility for immigrant children separated from their parents at the Mexico–United States border.

Hashberger, Ken

Ken Hashberger, Executive Underwriter, ALIVE RISK - Wayzata, MN

I wrote GL and Excess Liability coverage for a stunt for a pay television network, which had a plane fly underneath a monster truck while it was going over a jump.

Paieda, Ashlee-1

Ashlee Paieda, WC Brokerage Underwriter - Princeton, NJ

I wrote the WC for a small motel with an attached bar and takeout restaurant that had pretty scary losses and ownership turnover.  The prior owner’s claim history showed a man sleeping in a dumpster and the one year our insured owned it showed an $80,000 claim for a fall from a ladder while hanging a banner.  I was able to place it with one of our markets, when no one else would write the account, due to my partnership with the agent and carrier underwriter.

Parsons, Keith

Keith Parsons, Vice President/Branch Manager - DC Metro

I wrote coverage for a three-day tattoo and heavy metal music festival which takes place at the prison where they filmed the movie “Shawshank Redemption.”  Coverage included GL, Liquor Liability, XS, Weather, and Event Cancellation.

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