All Risks University 2020 Highlights

Par for the course with 2020, the All Risks’ University (ARU) class was unlike any other since the training program’s inception in 2006. Designed to help new associates learn the skills and tools necessary to become successful wholesale brokers or underwriters, ARU has launched many successful careers at the firm.  Students began their education virtually on August 10th and spent the next four weeks immersed in intensive training in order to gain a 360-degree perspective of the industry and their pending roles as brokers or underwriters.

While virtual learning may be challenging at times, the ARU 2020 class had one distinct advantage – instruction from experts at both All Risks and Ryan Specialty Group, LLC (RSG).  During this year's training program, RSG and All Risks announced the successful completion of the transaction to merge the two firms into Ryan Specialty Group effective September 1, 2020.  Through a variety of collaborative projects, systems training, and virtual social events, students built relationships with each other, their instructors, and industry leaders including Ryan Specialty Group Founder, Chairman and CEO, Patrick G. Ryan, RT Specialty Chairman and CEO, Tim Turner, and RSG Underwriting Managers Chairman and CEO, formerly All Risks, Ltd. CEO, Nick Cortezi.

During a “normal” year, the next step for ARU graduates would be to join a team in one of the All Risks' branch offices.  Since we continue to work remotely, additional one-on-one virtual training and coaching programs were established.  Recent graduates were paired with ARU alumni, who will connect with them twice a week for coaching and support.

Not letting a pandemic stand in their way, this exceptional group of talented new hires rose to the occasion and embraced the start of their insurance careers.  We look forward to seeing the future industry contributions of these rising stars.

Recent graduates reflect on their 2020 ARU virtual experience

Jamie Ratowsky - Temple University Kristie Tran - The University of Texas at Dallas Ricardo Melchor - University of Houston Downtown Kat Oubre - University of Louisiana at Monroe Will Clark - University of Georgia
Jamie Ratowsky Kristie Tran Ricardo Melchor Katherine Oubre Will Clarke

Temple University's Jamie Ratowsky stated, “Even in the midst of a pandemic, All Risks/RSG made sure we had a robust training program packed with access to interactive programs, presenters, and guest speakers.  You don’t see many companies taking that initiative regardless, let alone in the middle of COVID-19.”

Kristie Tran of The University of Texas at Dallas exclaimed, “It was an honor to have met (virtually) and listened to over 40 speakers present; ranging from the internal production teams, carriers, previous ARU graduates and many more, bringing a plethora of knowledge and wisdom to the table.  I am looking forward to being a part of RSG.  I am ready to learn, grow, and make a difference!”

The University of Houston-Downtown's Ricardo Melchor remarked, “During ARU, we were afforded the opportunity to listen to speakers who are industry giants, like Mr. Ryan, Mr. Turner, and Mr. Cortezi.  Having professionals of this magnitude take time out of their days to offer us advice and field questions is a privilege for anyone, but especially new hires.”

Katherine Oubre of The University of Louisiana at Monroe expressed, “Throughout ARU, I was able to learn from professionals who have found great success in the insurance industry and in the wholesale space.  With these valuable presentations, I was able to build a foundation about insurance, the company's culture and history, our markets, and what it takes to be successful in the industry.”

The University of Georgia's Will Clarke said, "Listening to and interacting with so many All Risks/RSG experts throughout the process was a privilege.  Along the way, it was easy to feel the synergy and camaraderie that the company has developed over the years.  The environment that All Risks has formed is special and ARU was a tremendous first step in my journey to become a part of it.”

All Risks University 2020 - By the Numbers

24 Full-time employees began their virtual training on August 10th

4 ARU 2020 students were formerly All Risks summer interns

4 weeks of virtual classroom instruction included curricula such as systems training, carrier presentations, and product applications

59 established All Risks and RSG employees shared their expertise with the group as guest instructors or panelists

5 carrier trading partners shared appetite information and best practices for building strong relationships between brokers and underwriters

185+ hours were spent in the classroom learning from industry experts, not including time spent doing homework and attending virtual social events

7 groups worked collaboratively with guidance from their project sponsors and presented their capstone findings to conclude the ARU session on September 3rd

122,015 is the number of times “you’re muted” was said, when someone attempted to share or talk via Zoom calls

54 virtual frame bombers including cats, dogs, dads and roommates on Zoom calls ARU Class FUNNY GRADUATION Photo 2020

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