All Risks, Ltd.'s REO Online Reporting System Makes Handling Properties a Breeze!

Do you have insureds with growing real estate portfolios who need a way to manage their residential dwellings?  All Risks’ online reporting system is the ideal tool.  Our 24/7 access to the online portal allows insureds to easily add or delete locations online and print certificates when needed.  Locations are included on a master policy with monthly billing.  No more waiting on carriers to process and approve your endorsements to add or delete locations.

Flexibility and Simplicity

We do not require an up-front large deposit premium.  This allows insureds to effectively budget their finances, as we invoice monthly based on the active locations on the schedule.

Our single master policy increases flexibility for investors and property managers, as well as streamlines administrative duties.  Our online reporting platform is easily accessed and multiple users can be granted access with individual login credentials.  When you log into your account, you will see a list of all locations.  The system maintains a history on your sold/expired locations, allowing you to review if needed any prior locations, while only invoicing for those locations that remain active on your account.

Right at Your Fingertips and Available 24/7

We know that the ability to provide quick turnaround for proof of insurance is vital for investors who are actively purchasing and selling properties.  When an asset is added to the system, a certificate of insurance can be printed instantly—no more sending rush endorsement requests to the carriers.  As long as the property characteristics remain consistent with the previously quoted portfolio and policy provisions, you can add, delete, and change the coverage needed.

A common lender requirement is for mortgagees and loss payees to be listed on certificates of insurance.  Our platform provides a specific section for the loan number with fields to enter the loss payee information for easy printing of the Evidence of Insurance.

Contact Us for a Live Demo!

Keep in mind that our reporting system can be managed by the retail agent and/or the insured - you can request as many user IDs as your needs require.  We will upload the binding statement of values, set up a webinar to walk you through our system, and then you can easily make any changes, additions, or deletions!

If you are interested in learning more about our REO program, reporting system, and appetite, contact Brooke Hopkins, Program Manager at 410-828-5810, extension 3689 or via email at

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